What are refurbished or factory re-certified products? [ top ]

Refurbished products are manufacturer-certified products that have been returned to the manufacturer and reconditioned to new or like new condition. All refurbished projectors sold by Projector Supercenter undergo stringent reconditioning and testing processes at the factory and are backed by manufacturer warranties. Each projector is cleaned, quality checked, tested, and repacked by the respective manufacturer. Due to high quality standards and rigorous testing the quality of factory refurbished units is every bit as good as a brand new projector.


Why are refurbished projectors such a great value? [ top ]

If affordability is a major concern or you simply want to save a little cash, factory refurbished projectors offer a great deal at a substantial discount without sacrificing quality. Factory refurbished projectors are manufacturer-certified products that have been returned to the manufacturer for one reason or another. Any projector that meets any of the following criteria will be cleaned, inspected, tested, and repackaged to new condition by the manufacturer and will be sold as refurbished with a manufacturer warranty.


Why are projector returned to the factory? [ top ]

Essentially, any projector that is shipped back to the manufacturer for any reason whatsoever is opened, inspected, cleaned, tested, repackaged and finally sold as refurbished units. These items can no longer be sold as new even though the majority of units are in new condition and fully operational. Listed below are a few of the common reasons why a unit is returned to the manufacturer.

1. Customer returns:

Most manufactures have some sort of return policy; any products that are returned to the manufacturer must be sold as refurbished. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with these units they were simply returned by the customer for whatever reason.

2. Shipping Damage:

Sometimes, packages are returned to the manufacturer due to damaged packaging. Although the projector inside is typically perfectly fine, who wants to put a damaged box on their store shelves?

3. Cosmetic damage:

For a variety of reasons, a projectors casing could have a scratch or other cosmetic blemish that does not affect performance. These units cannot be sold as new, so they are typically repackaged as refurbished. Many companies will actually remove the internal parts and place the projector in a new case before reselling as refurbished.

4. Demo or promotional units:

Some manufacturers allow stores to return demo units which they promptly recertify to new condition and resell as refurbished. In addition, manufactures are known to send promotional units to magazines and other online sites which review their products. Once the review has been written these units are returned and refurbished.

5. Factory defect:

Occasionally, a faulty optical system, power supply, processor or other mechanism may be installed into a batch of projectors making the unit defective. If this is not caught before leaving the factory, the manufacturer will typically have to do a recall to replace the faulty unit and then must sell as refurbished.

6. The box was opened:

If a package is opened in a store or other retail environment and returned to the manufacturer for repackaging the unit must be sold as refurbished. Although the unit has not even been powered on or removed from the package it must be sold as refurbished since it has been opened.

7. Overstock or discontinued items:

When a manufacturer releases a new product model, the older model are sometimes pulled from shelves and returned to the manufacturer. At this point the manufacturer simply reduces the price and sells the units as refurbished to quickly move the inventory.


Refurbished Projectors, a savvy bargain [ top ]

Basically, whenever a projector is shipped back to the manufacturer for any reason, it is cleaned, inspected, tested, and repackaged for sale as refurbished. Due to the high quality standards and solid manufacturer warranties, refurbished projectors offer deep discounts without sacrificing quality or reliability. Due to an ever increasing market for business and home theater projectors the supply of refurbished projectors will continue to grow and Projector Supercenter will be here to offer substantial savings to our savvy consumers.

Often times consumers are wary of products marked “refurbished” for fear of a product defect. There is no reason why labeling a product refurbished should invoke such negative connotations. Every projector that is returned to the manufacturer for one reason or another undergoes strict product testing by qualified technicians to ensure every component is fully functional. Due to this individual attention and vigorous testing, refurbished units are every bit as reliable as new units. Typically, projectors are returned fully functional for any of the reasons listed above. In the event the product was returned due to a defect than someone purchased a new projector that was defective. Refurbished projectors will not have these same defects as they have been refurbished to new, fully functional condition making these units just as if not more than reliable than new units.

When buying a refurbished projector please make sure to purchase from a company that is authorized by the manufacturer to sell these projectors. Certain companies and individuals will sell refurbished projectors that have been refurbished outside of the factory by an unauthorized individual. These projectors will not be backed by manufacturer warranties and often times are refurbished with non-factory parts. Due to Projector Supercenter’s position within the industry we are able to partner directly with certain manufacturers to bring you factory refurbished units at unbelievable discounts. Projector Supercenter has the largest selection of factory refurbished DLP and LCD projectors online, please check out our selection. As quantities are often limited please don’t let an opportunity pass you by and always check back daily for an updated product list.


Do refurbished projectors come with a factory warranty? [ top ]

Yes, all projectors listed for sale on Projector Supercenter are supported by manufacturer warranties. If purchasing from another online retailer please make sure to purchase from an authorized reseller as manufactures will typically only honor warranties for items purchased through an authorized retailer. Warranty length differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, below is a list of manufacturers with warranty terms and conditions.

BenQ: 1 year parts and labor, 90 day lamp warranty

NEC: 1 year parts and labor, 90 day lamp warranty

Mitsubishi: 1 year parts and labor, 90 day lamp warranty

EIKI: 1 year parts and labor, 90 day lamp warranty

Optoma: 90 days parts and labor

Hitachi: 1 year parts and labor, 90 day lamp warranty

Epson: Varies by model, 1-2 years parts and labor


Where can I get more information? [ top ]

For more information view our FAQ on Refurbished projectors.


Do extended warranties work with refurbished products? [ top ]

Yes, extended warranties offered through CPS are valid for all new and factory recertified projectors and take effect immediately after the manufacturer warranty expires.


What is usually included with Refurbished Projectors? [ top ]

Items included in box vary manufacturer to manufacturer. Below is a list of manufacturers we carry and what is included with your projector purchase.

NEC: The projector, power cable, VGA cable, remote, and remote batteries are included with every purchase. Additional cables, batteries, etc. may or may not be in the box. A user manual may be located online in Projector Supercenter’s product section if not included in the box.

BenQ, Mitsubishi, EIKI, Hitachi, Optoma, Epson, Casio: The Projector, all standard accessories, cables, cases, and manuals that are included with new units also come with the factory refurbished projectors.

**On rare occasions the manufacturer may accidently leave something out of the packaging. Please notify us of any missing accessories immediately upon delivery and we will contact the manufacturer to replace the missing accessories if possible.


Are all products shipped in manufacturer packaging? [ top ]

Yes, all refurbished products come boxed in factory packaging. This packaging may, however differ from the new product packaging based on the manufacturer. On rare occasion if the product arrives at Projector Supercenter in less than optimal packaging we will repackage the item to make sure it arrives safely at your door.


Are all refurbished products reconditioned at the factory? [ top ]

All projectors for sale at Projector Supercenter have been reconditioned by the manufacturer at the factory. Please be aware however that some retailers will sell refurbished products that are not factory refurbished. These units will not include a factory warranty and may not have been inspected or repaired with factory parts. If purchasing from a private seller or outlet please make sure to verify the origin of the unit to guarantee a quality purchase.


Why buy a refurbished projector? [ top ]

Buying factory refurbished projectors offers all the quality of a brand new projector at a substantial discount to retail prices.